Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bro by Robert Newton Peck - ESSENTIAL

Peck, Robert Newton Bro, 150 pgs. Harper Collins.

Content – G


After a horrible incident on his grandfather’s ranch, Tugwell Dockery hasn’t spoken a word. His brother is in jail for smuggling liquor, and his parents die in a horrific accident. His great-aunt comes to get him, and he goes back to his grandfather’s ranch to live. When his brother Broda hears that he is back on the scene of the accident, he knows he must be with his brother.

This was an OK book, but it got a little bit hard to understand sometimes because they used the slang the people speaking would use. Otherwise, though, it was a great book. The characters were pretty well developed and it was a pretty good storyline. I would recommend it to anyone.

Student Reviewer: RG

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