Friday, September 4, 2009

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Stockett, Kathryn The Help pgs. 464 Putnam Adult Language~PG-13, Sexual Content~PG; Violence~PG

The years we now refer to as the Civil Rights Era, were full of violence, unrest, and terror for African Americans and those who supported their appeal for equality. This is the story of three remarkable women living in a time of controversy. Aibileen is ‘black’ and has been a domestic servant since she was old enough to get a job. Working for ‘white’ women hasn’t always been easy. Minny, another ‘black’ maid has a temper that has gotten her in trouble time and again. Miss Skeeter, a ‘white’ recent college graduate, has grown-up with ‘black’ help in her home. Jackson, Mississippi is a very Southern town where the Jim Crow laws flourish. The trouble begins with a toilet and escalates to a book revealing the good and bad of ‘black’ help working for ‘white’ women.

This book has heralded by book reviewers everywhere as a ‘must read.’ This book would make an ideal choice for a literary circle discussing Civil Rights and Human Rights in general. Consider putting aside Chris Crowe’s Mississippi Trial 1955 this year and have your students read The Help.

HS –ESSENTIAL Allison Madsen~Teen Librarian-SJO Public Library


Caryn said...

Great recommendation! I listened to it on audio and loved it. I just couldn't seem to get away from it. I immediately ordered it for our own school library as soon as I finished, and I have a lot of students I want to recommend it to.

Shelley/Book Fanatic said...

My bookckub read this and we all loved it!