Saturday, July 7, 2007

Summer book-tastic

There's no such thing as book review overload. I have read some fantastic books so far this summer and want to share as much as I can! You should pick some of these up and read then for yourself!

Delaney, Joseph Night of the Soul Stealer, 512 p. Greenwillow (Harper) – Tom W
ard is headed to the Spook’s winter house to show the creepy crawlies that someone is there to defy them. The pair leaves Alice behind, but close, at a neighboring farm. The trio will have to work together to conquer the baddies in this installment of The Last Apprentice series, including a necromancer, feral lamia witches and a demon called forth by evil rituals. Another spine-tingling effort by Mr. Delaney. Dark and foreboding on every page. I definitely want more titles from this series, though I kind of hope that a little more time (novel time) passes before the next title begins. I hope you already own the other titles in the series! 

Frederick, Heather Vogel The Mother-Daughter Book Club, 245 p. Simon and Schuster – To their extreme embarrassment, their mothers have created an exclusive book club for themselves, Emma, Jess, Megan and Cassidy. Emma and Jess are best friends; Emma and Megan used to be best friends (until Megan joined the sixth grade’s groups of queen bees); Cassidy is the jocky new girl from California. Together the group is supposed to read Little Women, penned by one of their town’s famous resident authors. And somewhere along the way, the girls may reach a meeting of the minds, as they all try to work through life’s challenges. The chapters are well crafted as they follow the plot through a different girl’s point of view. The problems are pretty typical, which the novel that much more meaningful to its readers. And there will be lots of readers. Its hard to remember the characters are only sixth graders and I don’t think that will stop older readers. Adult readers will enjoy the Louisa May Alcott tidbits. Perfect for fans of Cathy Cassidy! 

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