Saturday, January 13, 2007

Alabama Moon by Watt Key - OPTIONAL

Key, Watt Alabama Moon 294 p. FSG -
Ten-year old Moon Blake has promised his Pa that he will stay away from civilization and head off to Alaska to find other people who live off the land and "off the grid" (my words, not the author's). But a young boy on his own will attract the attention of well-meaning adults and of the authorities, including a constable who takes an instant, intense dislike to the boy. Moon finds his own way to battle the system and a few allies in his struggle to find his place in the world.

 I don't have the swear word count on this book any more, but the police constable is mean and foul-mouthed, using many swear words whenever he addresses Moon, though not venturing over to "f". For that reason, many schools, and the young audience who would have enjoyed this book, will not be reading it.


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shaunacahoon said...

Hi Cindy, It's Shauna Mitchell. I just got done reading this book, recommended by a student of mine, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The swears didn't bother me because it seemed to fit the the movies with Smoky and the Bandit! It brought him more to life in my mind.