Thursday, January 14, 2010

Birdie’s Book by Jan Bozarth

Bozarth, Jan Birdie’s Book (The Fairy Godmother Academy), 197 p. Random House, 2009. $7.99. Content: G. Birdie, 12, has never met her maternal grandmother – now Mom is away and Dad has decided that this is the time for Birdie and Granny to meet. Birdie is unsure what to think of her unorthodox, warm, eccentric grandmother. When she talks about magic as thought it were real, she decides it is time to think – and on her way find herself right in the midst of an epic journey that will effect her entire family. Birdie and her new friends are fun for young girls who love a bit of fantasy. I think fans of Disney’s Never Fairies will embrace these also. EL – ADVISABLE. Cindy, Libray-Teacher.

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