Friday, April 24, 2009

The Road to Oz by Kathleen Krull - OPTIONAL

Krull, Kathleen. The Road to Oz: Twists, Turns, Bumps, and Triumphs in the Life of L. Frank Baum. BIOGRAPHY PICTURE BOOK


L. Frank Baum was always a dreamer and loved to create stories that everyone would enjoy. He didn’t start out writing the books readers fell in love with, though. From risky enterprises such as breeding chickens and creating play troupes to writing unsuccessful non-fiction books and newspaper articles , he still kept writing and striving to write something that would make a difference in his life as well as others.

An inspirational picture book about following your dreams and being true to yourself, this story will enchant and delight teacher and students alike as they read it on their own or aloud together.

Reviewer: Kira-Youth Services Librarian-HUN Public Library.

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